Kennel Maison Royale breeds Papillons. All the dogs and puppies are part of the family. The dogs are always with me almost all the time; both at work, birthdays, weddings and holidays, etc. The kennel is located in Egå, 10 km. northeast of Aarhus.

The kennel is built on many years of experience, the interest in dogs and training of dogs, for instance obedience training. I have also gathered great experience from exhibitions with both large and small dogs.

The kennel is named “Kennel Maison Royale” because the Papillon breed is of French origin. “Royale” is inspired by the kennel’s first dog, La Reine. From the very beginning, she had a very graceful charisma giving you associations to a dog worthy of a king. In French, “Maison” means house, and leads your thoughts to the home of the royal dogs. My first Papillon impressed me with its special nature, its cheerful and happy lively movements and its beautiful appearance. The happy and lively dog charmed itself into my heart, and soon after more Papillons came to the kennel.

Kennel Maison Royale is registered and approved by the Danish Kennel Club and Fédération Cynologique International (FCI). Furthermore, I am also a member of The Danish Papillon Phalène Club.

It is very important for the kennel to breed mentally healthy dogs that are typical for the Papillon breed. I also have a good cooperation with other respected kennels in Denmark and abroad.

The dogs are regularly exhibited both at national and international shows in Denmark and abroad.

In the kennel, I stay in contact with the people who buy puppies. They are always welcome to contact me, and benefit from my experience.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to write or call me.

Yours sincerely
Helle Tolstrup